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Security (EU) Recruitment Requirements

Welcome to the Security recruitment Section. First and foremost I would like to thank you for your interest in Security. Before you make your application please read the requirements below.



We want people with a good attitude towards their fellow guild members & other people on the server. We have enough assholes in this guild, we don't need more. Certainly apply if your an elitist anti-social asshat, as long as you have a sense of humour and know what is acceptable to your fellow raiders. Also, if you want to be able to survive in Security longer then a week we hope you don't get offended too easily. In Security we analyze our wipes, if you fail consistently at something you will be called out on it and be expected to rectify the situation. This leads to more efficient raids, and is never a personal thing.

Knowledge and Skill:

What people define as "skill" in World of Warcraft is little more then excellent knowledge about the class and meta game in general. So these 2 things are more or less the same. Of course you're nothing with all this knowledge if you cannot translate it in better then average play, which is what we expect from you. We expect you to know your class inside out. Knowledge of additional classes is a definite plus. We also expect you to know every boss inside out. And on new bosses, the ability to absorb new information quickly.


Do NOT bother if your goal is not to uphold a 100% attendance. This does not mean we expect you to not miss 1 single raid. We understand if you have other stuff to do every now & then. We do expect as high attendance as possible, we are a hardcore raiding guild after all. If you know beforehand that you'll be AFK at least 1 day a week for soccer practice or whatever, do not apply!

Stability of a raid core starts with high attendance of the members.


It is vital that everyone can communicate effectively during a raid. For this you must have a working microphone/headset and Teamspeak. You must not be shy to use your mic to suggest tactics, call out resses and CDs etc.

Attention to detail:

We expect all our raiders to keep their character in tip top condition. This means always ensuring that your gemming, enchants and reforges are optimal for the current content and that you are always ready with enough consumables to last the raid.


So...if you think you fulfil our requirements then why not Apply now.

NOTE: Please ensure that you are able to regularly check both your friends list and your email account for 2-3 days after your application. Should we find your application suitable you will be added on Real ID and be asked to join our Teamspeak server for an informal chat/interview which is highly recommended before transferring over to Frostmane if you currently play on another server. If we cannot get in touch with you this can result in your application being rejected or accepted without us discussing specifics. This can lead to wasting our time, your time and your money.

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